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Interested in learning about quantum information science?

Yale Quantum Institute and Yale College

Friday, July 17, 2020

If you are interested in a gentle introduction to quantum information science for beginning undergraduate students, you may wish to view some of the videos available under the videos link in the main menu of this website.  You may also want study the lecture notes from my first-year undergraduate class Physics 261.  (Link to the pdf file is at the bottom of this page.)

Another useful resource is the online textbook developed for Qiskit:


You can begin programming quantum computers even without learning the Qiskit language, just using a graphical interface:


Students in my courses P261 and P345 have done their quantum programming assignments on this system.

Once you have some more expertise, you may be interested in  the current grand challenge in the field: quantum error correction and fault-tolerance.  Here is a video on a basic introduction to quantum error correction.

The Yale Quantum Institute website is here: https://quantuminstitute.yale.edu/

Here are the PHYS345 lecture notes from 2023: Introduction to Quantum Information, Computation and Communications. 

For those interested in becoming experts in circuit QED and superconducting qubits here are my lecture notes (150 pages) from the 2011 Les Houches Summer School

and here are my 2019 Les Houches lecture notes on quantum error correction and fault tolerance.